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French teaching website from the main telecommunications channel in France, TV5.

BBC Schools

BBC School website supporting French Language Learning: Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking

Je French

French grammar, basic conversation and expressions.

French Culture/French Embassy

French culture sponsored by the French Embassy to the United States.

Bien Dit! Text Exercises Online

Online textbook resource for French I, II, and III.

French In Action Video On Demand

Dr. Pierre Capretz of Yale University provides an interactive, immersion approach to learning French! This classic video series, now available online, is appropriate for Intermediate-Advanced students.

Counseling/Test Prep
College Board

College planning, SAT and AP testing information.

ACT Test

ACT testing information.


College Foundation of NC-college planning and preparation.

Khan Academy

Educational website including lessons in Math, Science, Humanities, SAT Prep. Indispensible for students who need extra practice, or explanations on a variety of school subjects.

Kaplan Testing

Free online resource for practicing SAT skills!