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I am fairly new to the field of education, having spent only 7 years teaching 8th grade math. For most of my working life I served as an executive in a high-tech engineering firm focused on optical engineering (That's lots of physics and math!). This experience in the business world plus an academic background in math, chemistry and law allow me to help students make connections between the math they are learning and how it is applied in a variety of real world situations. I have been able to connect with students so that they are able to understand even the most difficult mathematical concepts and refuse to have anything less than the highest expectations for their success. This has resulted in a proven track record with only one of my students ever failing to pass the Algebra EOC the first time during 7 years of teaching.  I love young people of high school age and find their energy and constantly changing interests immensely fascinating and fun. 

I live in Oxford with my husband, daughter and two furry children. We love to travel and enjoy experiencing new things like hang gliding. Some of our most enjoyable times are spent at our house on the lake enjoying water sports and simply relaxing.